Kinzinger defends Romney, ignores Sensata workers’ plight

When 170 American families are scheduled to lose jobs to China in another round of Bain Capital job exportation, the last thing those employees want to hear is that their situation is simply “a [political] attempt to take the focus off what’s going on and where the economy is for November.”But that is precisely how Adam Kinzinger, Romney supporter and GOP candidate for the Illinois 16th Congressional seat, defined their plight during a recent WIFR interview.

For the 170 Sensata Technologies workers due to be shut down by Bain this December, their jobs are the economy; their fight to save their jobs no political gambit. Indeed, Kinzinger’s comments came not in response to any administration attack but from a reporter sharing concerns expressed by Sensata employees. For Kinzinger to not only fail to offer some sense of regret over their plight but to instead protect Mitt Romney as the victim exhibits utter disregard for Sensata workers.

When reminded that this was about real people losing jobs and not from the administration, Kinzinger doubled down, “Well, I think you know the reality of it is that when you talk about Bain Capital, when you talk about Mitt Romney, it’s an attempt to take the focus off what’s going on and where the economy is at for November.”

I remind Mr. Kinzinger that Mitt Romney stands to profit handsomely from the killing of those 170 Freeport jobs. I further remind him that regardless of election results, Romney’s fortune will have grown as a result of Bain’s offshoring while 170 Illinois workers and their families will have lost homes, gone bankrupt and had their American dream crushed.

Bill Weiss
Kirkland, Ill.

From the Aug. 1-7, 2012, issue

One thought on “Kinzinger defends Romney, ignores Sensata workers’ plight

  • Nov 19, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Adam Kinzinger is an up and coming military Veteran politician. We need more Veterans in D.C. for their experienced voices to be heard related to war and defense. Those who have been in war are the last ones who wish to have us get involved in war. One must remember that we have terrorists focused on taking us down, so we do need such politicians in D.C. to lead us in that area.

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