Raw Energy: The power of eating raw foods


Brenda Richter

By Brenda Richter

One of the keys to achieving ideal health is within your diet and the amount of raw foods you eat, namely fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Raw foods greatly affect how much energy one has and the quality of life you may sustain.

The health benefits are compelling and support a strong immune system, significant reduced risk of degenerative disease, illness and ailments, improved skin appearance, better digestion, helping cravings for unhealthy foods subside, obtaining your ideal weight, and so much more!

A raw food lifestyle simply suggests that most of what we eat should be fresh fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients. Anyone can improve health and vitality by eating at least 50 percent of these raw foods. The lack of nutrients in the standard American diet is overwhelming, along with the effects of cooking.

Processed foods account for 70 percent of most people’s diets, which encourages over-consumption of food, a lack of nutrition and a breakdown of the immune system. Most people are too acidic, and disease thrives in this environment.

Disease does not survive in an alkaline environment. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly alkalizing. Raw foods are so much more than vegetable sticks, smoothies and green leafy salads. Many do not imagine delicious raw foods like lasagna, cream of zucchini soup, pizza, chocolate mousse, tortilla chips, or simply using fresh fruits, vegetables and natural fats like avocados, nuts or seeds — free of meat, dairy, soy, processed and packaged foods.

Learn more and attend a free “Why RAW?” talk. The first talk will be at 6 p.m., Aug. 14, at Choices Natural Market, 6551 E. Riverside Blvd. The second will be at 6 p.m., Aug. 15, at Vitamins N More, 3619 E. State St. Pre-registration is required, and space is limited, so register at the store, or call Raw Energy at (815) 543-1207.

Brenda Richter is a graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, where she received her certification as a Raw Culinary Arts associate chef and instructor. She’s passionate about sharing the living foods lifestyle with others, and teaches raw culinary arts classes in the Rockford area.

From the Aug. 1-7, 2012, issue

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    You should not had the stove and microwave in your picture. Other than that – great article! You hit the nail on the head and I look forward to reading more from you!


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