RAMIs should honor Erik Evanson with memoriam

The cover of Erik Evanson’s 2005 book, “Bleed.” (Photo by Frank Schier, editor and publisher)

Editor’s note: The following was submitted in support of local musician and artist Erik Evanson, who passed away June 22 at the age of 42.

By Sonja Peterson

I have had the privilege of knowing Erik Evanson since I was a young girl, and my first real memory of him was him sitting cross-legged on the floor playing a musical instrument (a waterphone). From that moment on, I was hooked on any and all music.

Everything Erik made up his mind to do was done in an artistic manner. Erik owned and played many unique instruments and played in a few bands during his lifetime. The main band he played in was an instrumental avant-garde noise band by the name of PL-21.

PL-21’s members were Vince Jumapao, Keith Peterson, Erik Evanson, Chris “Buzzsaw” Gaffney and Bill Curtis. Some of their recordings can be heard on Sound Cloud http://soundcloud.com/pl-21 and http://soundcloud.com/sticky-anders/tracks?page=1.

Erik also had a great love for art and enjoyed making beautiful pieces of art on his own or collaborating with fellow Rockford artists, as he did with his 2005 book, Bleed. This book was an ingenious idea, giving 150 local artists a chance to express themselves. Each copy of the book was handmade. Erik lovingly compiled each one of the 155 copies, and added his own artistic touches throughout the book. Erik had a book signing at Octane InterLounge.

Erik did many more things than this, including wild skateboarding sessions at his barn at the Angle View Farm off Perryville Road. But I am writing this in the hopes that he may be considered for a Rockford Area Music Industry (RAMI) memoriam. He was a wonderfully artistic person, and he had a positive effect on many people in the community, and I believe his passion for music and art should be honored.

Erik’s passing was shortly before another Rockford artist, Jim Julin, who contributed art to the Bleed book.

Thanks for considering Erik for the recognition he most certainly deserves.

From the Aug. 8-14, 2012, issue

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