Guest Column: Music Academy Reflections

Dear Reader,

Music is life… music is breath… music is healing… music is therapy… music is everything!

As we pause to reflect on the Music Academy’s journey, the phrases above ring true. We can now celebrate one year thriving in our new home, the historic Loreen Hall, and what a year it has been! The building seems a metaphor for the school’s strength and stability as well as for its commitment to the future of arts education in our community. We can continue to celebrate 27 years as Rockford’s Music Academy, serving our community with high quality, comprehensive, affordable and accessible music education.

We can also celebrate individual lives that we have changed along the way. Kalie Grable presented a senior recital in June 2012. She has been a flute student at the Music Academy since sixth grade. Interestingly (and effectively) she created her program by selecting pieces she learned and loved each year since sixth grade. Talk about review and refinement! It was a stunning afternoon – very well done. In her printed program she reflected on her musical journey:

To me … music is not as much about perfection as it is about telling a story … taking you on a journey and making you ‘feel’ something … whether it be sadness, anger or exhilaration. Music is about expressing emotions where words fail. Music is where I am most at home. Playing my flute is like slipping on my most comfortable jeans and t-shirt … or spending time with a close friend. Today the music is not just about me. It is about surrounding myself with the friends who I have created music with over the years. They have touched my soul and today we hope that we touch a little part of yours.

So, as we pause to celebrate our one-year anniversary in Loreen Hall and our 27th anniversary as the Music Academy, we also need to celebrate the individual lives that have been transformed by the opportunities we provide for students like this one to fulfill their musical dreams.

Won’t you join us as we plan for future generations of students; giving them the chance to dream, grow and succeed through music education?

We encourage you to support the important work of the Music Academy … because life without music isn’t!


The Music Academy Foundation Board:

Lynn Andreini, Richard Baker, Phil Blair, Elizabeth Dickinson, Rita Elliott, Alice Enichen, Jim Epperson, Martha Frantz, Gerrie Gustafson, Rachel Handlin, Saman Hanif, Paula Harkness, Katrin Heidar, Robin Kenney, Christy Lenox, Barbara Pittman, Bill Zartman


Alexander Mezny

People are encouraged to make a donation to The Music Academy Foundation in any of the following amounts: $1,000 and above; $500-$999; $250-$499; $100-$249; up to $99. Gifts may also be made in honor of a special person in your life. Include a brief explanation when making the donation.

Donation may be made by check payable to: The Music Academy Foundation, P.O. Box 6333, Rockford, IL 61125. Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law.

From the Aug. 15-21, 2012, issue

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