Famous medium to give readings at Aug. 23 ‘Dinner With the Dead’

By Susan Johnson
Copy Editor

Jonna Carlson, internationally-known medium, will give personal readings at a special event called “Dinner With the Dead: Buffet With the Beyond,” Thursday, Aug. 23. Location is The Golden Corral, 995 S. Perryville Road, Rockford.

As the title suggests, it’s a buffet dinner, starts at 6 p.m., and is a fun event including raffle prizes and a night of spirit adventures. Cost is $25 per person. Ticket information is available on Carlson’s website, www.jonnathehappymedium.com or call (608) 346-1277.

The Rock River Times obtained a personal interview with Carlson, in which she shared some of her experiences with us.

TRRT: How did you get into this area of interest?

Jonna Carlson: I’ve always been interested in it. I always went and had readings. A lot of readers told me I would be good at it. I did a lot of research and took some classes and worked really hard.

TRRT: Where do you get classes like these?

JC: Small groups in New Age stores.

TRRT: How much instruction did you get?

JC: I probably got more instruction through my own personal research.

TRRT: Did you consult any authorities?

JC: Not famous authorities, but local people.

TRRT: How long have you been doing these readings?

JC: About 13 years. It’s not a job that you ever quit learning in.

TRRT: Do you have a group of regular clients?

JC: I have thousands of regular clients. I see people all over the world. I work on Skype and over the phone. Some people get readings every few months, some people may only get a reading once a year or so. I do a lot of parties, too.

TRRT: Has anyone said they’ve been helped by any of these events?

JC: Oh, yes. This started because of a personal issue with grief and loss for me. I think that I definitely am more sympathetic to those who’ve been through the same thing. It seems to help a lot of people.

TRRT: Anything else you’d like to mention?

JC: I am also the one that people have heard on on the local Rockford radio stations — B103 and The Eagle.

TRRT: What do you normally charge for a reading?

JC: Normally, I charge for a personal reading — $25 for 15 minutes.

If you’d like to find out more for yourself, see Carlson’s website or check out her Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/MediumJonnaKay.

Posted Aug. 21, 2012

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