International Qigong renowned instructor to present in Rockford

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Francesco Garripoli is an internationally renowned Qigong instructor, researcher, author, wellness advocate, Emmy Award-winning graphics designer and program producer-director. Garripoli produced educational television programs for PBS-TV for 18 years and has created and is featured on a series of award-winning Qigong DVDs with Daisy Lee.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health maintenance system that combines graceful movements, deep breathing, and visualization into a simple and elegant practice. Qigong increases and balances a person’s vital energy and health. It can look like Tai Chi, it can look like simple stretching, and it can even look like quiet meditation. But on the inside, Qigong is a practice that teaches how to realize the potential of your “Qi” energy in every cell and organ in your body.

Qigong is a wonderful practice for improving and maintaining one’s health. Qigong exercises help to bring your focus to each major organ, to strengthen and detoxify your circulatory, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems while promoting calmness, balance and flexibility. Qigong is an effective way to strengthen the immune system and has been found to lower high blood pressure, help alleviate chronic conditions and painful symptoms, reduce the effects of diabetes, and shorten postoperative recovery time.

Garripoli’s interest in complementary medicine goes back to the mid-1970s when he left university as a premed student under full scholarship and went to study in Hawaii with a renowned 81-year-old doctor trained in integrative Eastern healing and known for his extraordinary medical results.

The past chairman for two terms and current advisory council member of the National Qigong Association (NQA) and curruent chairman of the nonprofit Qigong Institute, Garripoli is a volunteer for important causes such as his position on the East Kaua’i Drug Prevention Education Team helping needy youth and families in Hawaii.

Garripoli (under his pen name Garri) is the author of two books, Tao of the Ride and Qigong — Essence of the Healing Dance, both published by HCI Publishing (the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” people).

A special weekend workshop is planned from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Aug. 25 and 26. Qigong for Personal Empowerment & Self Healing will be presented by Garripoli, and you may attend one or both days. Attending Aug. 25 is a prerequisite for attending Aug. 26. The Aug. 25 session will be held in the atrium at the Rock Valley College student center. Aug. 26 session is a more in-depth continuation of information presented Aug. 25 and will be held at the Anjali Pavilion at Womanspace, 3333 Maria Linden Drive. The per person charge for Aug. 25 is $150 and Aug. 26 is $100. Garripoli will explore a variety of Qigong styles that are designed for body, mind, spirit harmonizing. Many exercises are shown to have promoted specific healing effects on a physiological level, yet the ultimate focus is to explore deep, “world view” shifts for personal empowerment. It is here that we can begin to change old patterns and rebuild our lives from the inside out.

For questions or to register, contact or contact Kim Patterson at (815) 921-3901 or Megan at (815) 92l-3900. You can also contact Gary Wegner, (815) 397-2835, with general questions.

Prior to the workshop, from 4:30-6:30 p.m., Aug. 24, a class for Healthcare Practiitioners will be held at UIC Rockford School of Medicine at 1601 Parkview Ave., Rockford. This is a CEU-accredited class. This two-hour intensive class will provide knowledge about Medical Qigong, which is gaining increasing recognition in the United States as complementary alternative medicine. Garripoli will define the concepts and principles of this ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In addition. He will address how Qigong can be incorporated into hospitals, clinics and rehab centers as well as the health care practitioner’s own personal lifestyle for improved health and well-being. This offering is $40 per person. For questions or to register, contact Laura at or call (815) 877-0071.

From the Aug. 22-28, 2012, issue

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