Cartoon was right to reject ‘gun control’

Thank you for printing the Charles Story cartoon in the Aug. 8-14 issue that depicts an armed man atop a pile of bodies being confronted by an unarmed female. It drives home the point that mass shootings typically occur at “gun-free” zones and at businesses that post a little sign that states “No Firearms Allowed.” As we know, criminals ignore laws and those signs. In fact, such locations are magnets for murderous cowards where law-abiding citizens are deprived of the means of self-defense.

It is also a reminder that Illinois is now the lone holdout of the 50 states that have no provision allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a loaded firearm in public. Mr. Story is correct to reject “gun control” in favor of criminal control, since private citizens successfully defend themselves with firearms millions of times each year.

Keep up the advocacy, Mr. Story, and eventually we will create a safer society when citizens have the means to protect themselves — and others — in public.

William J. Lee

From the Aug. 29-Sept. 4, 2012, issue

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