Guest Column: An Open Letter to Mayor Morrissey

By Linda LaSalla

Unless I am missing it, the City of Rockford doesn’t have an official Facebook page … if I am wrong, please share the following open letter with Mayor Lawrence J. Morrissey.


I lived in Rockford for 45 years. I left 10 years ago. Most of my family still lives there. Every time I go back, I want to cry.

Under your administration, the northwest and far west side has gone from being a safe, wonderful place to live and raise a family, to people that are terrified to walk out of their door. I could go on and on, but hopefully, you are aware of the decay of most of Rockford.

From what I am hearing from many friends, via social networking, you seem to be so out of touch with most of your residents, it is scary. You don’t seem to be unfamiliar at all with the east side. I saw the Rockford Walk … $7.5 million that could have been put to much better use. I recommend social networking and being more transparent to your residents. You should pay attention to the folks you, sir, are putting in danger. There was never the gang problem that you have now, when I lived there. Rockford folks didn’t want Chicago’s leftovers. There are a great deal of wealthy people in Rockford that work in and near Chicago. I was a Realtor for almost 10 years in the ’80s. We had a great mayor, wonderful alderman… We had Dave Johnson… and Ken Staaf. I know that Dave is turning over in his grave. He was a wealthy man, but you would never know it. He cared about ALL of Rockford.

I worry about my grandchildren that still live there. I don’t worry so much about my other grandchildren that live in Machesney Park. I wonder why that might be? Maybe you should go visit the Loves Park mayor and see what Darryl would do.

I think instead of talking to your cronies that seem to be out in the field rubbing elbows with the people (remember them?, they put you in office), that you go out yourself, let the folks see you, have town hall meetings, and for God’s sake, listen to these people.

You were an OK attorney, I remember. You aren’t a good mayor nor a good leader. Shame on you.

I don’t want to hear rhetoric about why you built this fantastic Rockford Walk to bring people to our town … are you really serious? Now you do know that Rockford isn’t just East State and Alpine, right? Do you honestly want the outside world to see ALL of Rockford? I will send you pictures if you have forgotten what the west side looks like now. Do you even have a homeless shelter in Rockford? Maybe you should open one right by the Rockford Walk.

I wouldn’t get any more comfortable in that big seat of yours if I were you … I doubt if you will be voted in again.

Thank you for your time. No need for a response because there is NOTHING you could say to make it better … action, Mr. Mayor, not talk. Talk is cheap. Romney is like you, he doesn’t have a clue.

Have a good day.

Linda LaSalla is a resident of Corona, Calif.

From the Aug. 29-Sept. 4, 2012, issue

One thought on “Guest Column: An Open Letter to Mayor Morrissey

  • Aug 29, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    “I don’t worry so much about my other grandchildren that live in Machesney Park. I wonder why that might be?”
    So, I just did a quick Google News search for Machesney Park. Machesney Park man gets 23 years for murder, problems with puppy mills and animal abuse, a Village President that won’t run again because of the powers/responsibilities being stripped, meth lab, meth lab, mall foreclosure, discovering a swingers club in a machine shop, death-related DUIs.

    Does Linda have an idea of what she would do as Mayor to keep problems like she describes from happening? (I’m wondering how she would keep Chicago citizens from moving to Rockford, as she finds this objectionable. Just how far is she willing to squash personal liberties…?)

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