One Green Thing: Is it green, money-saving or both?

By Jan Herbert
Rockford Park District

Whether you were “green” before the color was fashionable or whether you’re just ready to find the “shade” that works best for you, here’s information about doing just “one green thing.”

You have to know I read many (online, of course) publications to be able to keep up on what is happening in the world of green. Often, something I read hits me and I am off and running.

This morning, I was reading about sharing tools. Now, this is brilliant because in every home, on every street, and in every block, we all have tools that we use just now and then. My husband, in fact, just this week, couldn’t resist a little screwdriver set to put in “your drawer in the kitchen.” I have to wonder, if I were to suggest to him to pull all tools and cabinets together in one place and sort through them, if that screwdriver set couldn’t have come from current inventory.

That is a small example, but just think of your electric drills, saws, leaf blowers and more. Certainly, the guy across the street or next door has the same items. So, I have to ask, why don’t we all think ahead and just borrow what we need? No neighbors? There have to be plenty of places to rent what you need. Or borrow from a friend, neighbor or relative and pay them! Get them to help you, too, and you have an excuse to hold an event to pay them back. That’s how it was done on the farm in the “good old days.”

Places that sell tools are not going to be very happy with me, but this makes perfectly good sense to me. And gals, if you have a problem because this means there isn’t anything to give your hubby for a holiday gift, just give him the drawings or plans for that new built-in closet you want.

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From the Sept. 5-11, 2012, issue

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