Take back your liberty

I want liberty. Liberty isn’t about politicians or political parties or political ideologies. Liberty transcends all of it. I want the government people to get the hell out of my life.

I want them out of my school, out of my church and out of my workplace. I want them off my property and off my back. I want them to stay out of my doctor’s office, out of my bank account and out of my bedroom.

I want the American people to wake up and realize that they have all the liberty they want. It was given to them by God. It was codified in our Constitution.

All they need do is take it — take it back from the government people. The government people do not get to say what liberty is or who is entitled to it. The government people have taken it from us, but all we have to do is take it back.

We hire the government people to look after our needs. Like many employees, they will steal from us if we let them. They will use the power we give them to destroy us and take what we have worked for, if we let them.

If enough of us show up at our churches, or our schools, or our doctor’s office, if enough of us show up and say “hell, no” you won’t, you won’t because we say so. We can do that because we employ you, not the other way around!

The thing is, we have to show up, we have to stand up. We have to stand up with courage. God gave us our liberty! Our forefathers and mothers fought and died for it. It is up to us to defend it and keep it. Everyone, say it together now.

George Andrews
Davis, Ill.

From the Sept. 5-11, 2012, issue

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