Editor’s Special: Jimmy John’s, you’re ‘Dead to us.’

Dear Jimmy John’s,

We should have known better and bought local. Thanks for declaring downtown Rockford a “Dead Zone,” according to your employee taking orders from the Jimmy John’s store at 6112 N. Second St., Loves Park, Ill. “We don’t go past Spring Creek,” he said at approximately 6:55 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 11. “In fact, that’s Dead Zone for all the Jimmy John’s stores. We can’t deliver there.”

No five sandwiches and drinks for us, the hardworking staff here at The Rock River Times on deadline.

Thanks for the discrimination against all of downtown Rockford!

This will also go out to our 60,000-plus readers in five counties in north central Illinois.

Instead, we called our $60 order in to our regular hometown Tuesday-night deliverers, Marie’s Pizza, 1513 Charles St., Rockford, IL 61104, 815-226-1342, whom we never should have deserted for you, you “corporate cold sandwiches.”


Editor & Publisher of The Rock River Times Frank Schier and staff

P.S. Yes, we really are putting this “note” in tomorrow’s edition.

From the Sept. 12-18, 2012, issue

2 thoughts on “Editor’s Special: Jimmy John’s, you’re ‘Dead to us.’

  • Sep 12, 2012 at 6:53 am

    Yea, the truth hurts. Downtown Rockford is a “dead-zone”. Crime? Parking? who knows. I only go there when I absolutely have no other choice.

  • Sep 14, 2012 at 10:05 am

    The truth does hurt doesn’t it? I am tired of all of these “downtowners,” talk about how great the downtown area is. And, Mr. Schier is one of the loudest. Truth is, people, downtown Rockford is a dirty place. Homeless and mentally ill crawl the streets morning, noon and night. It is pathetic. Forgive the “corporate sandwiches,” Frank, for wanting to protect their young drivers from getting jacked by the bums, hookers, drunks and muggers who hang out down by the Rock River Times building. Truth is, the city may start looking nicer if they bulldozed much of downtown. Start with the Lafayette. That would get rid downtown of slew of crack smokers right there. Frank, printing this little “note” just made you look like a proverbial fool! The Rock River Times continues to not get it! Sad.

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