Middle class scapegoats

First of all, we elect representatives to go to Washington to help keep every eventuality in our nation in good shape and taking care of their constituents that elected them. Instead, when some of our intellectuals get in office (can’t seem to walk a straight line sober), they sell their souls to some lobbyist for some corporate leeches that try to split our nation apart. We don’t need any terrorists from outside our country when we have a good source here. When the middle class work all their productive years to reach a decent time in their life to retire, then they have some representatives try to strip everything they work for.

One administration in office can leave eight years of deception, lies and a war squandering funds, not to mention a great deal of our military to create a big deficit, and then the next president that comes in is to solve the problem in a short time.

Between what the dope peddlers do to a good portion of our country and what some of our intellectuals wanting to run for president spreading a bunch of lies and garbage trying to pull the country apart, what other method can they use to do more damage? If our tax structure was fair for everyone, maybe the middle class wouldn’t have to pay for all our political blunders. Liberty & Justice for all.

Joseph Coniglio

From the Sept. 19-25, 2012, issue

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