On the Waterfront needs a turnaround

September 19, 2012

I’ve been a member of this community for close to three-quarters of my 27 years. And those three quarters have involved some fond memories of On the Waterfront (OTW).

This past OTW has been the most dismal. Every year I go to On the Waterfront thinking “Oh, this will be the year … this will be the redeeming year.”

I miss the days of On the Waterfront engulfing our gorgeous downtown, attracting TONS of people and packed stages. It’s now quite sad.

What needs to happen to turn it around? I say kill it for a few years, build funds and reincarnate it as something else.

Look at what they did with the Rockford AirFest. It was absent for a long time, now it’s better than ever.

Please put On the Waterfront out of its misery to preserve the city’s dignity.

Shawn Williams

From the Sept. 19-25, 2012, issue

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