Rockford’s real ‘front door’ needs fixing

After not much thought, I really came to the conclusion that Rockford’s real “front door” needs to be fixed. All these millions of dollars went to building the Riverwalk. What was it, $7.5 million or something? Then, it was dubbed “Rockford’s Front Door.”

To be a little literal here, a front door is the first area of entrance … in most cases. So, let’s think about this — when drivers enter or pass by Rockford, they most likely come from Interstate 90. What’s the first thing most people see? THE CLOCK TOWER. And guess what, it’s broken!

The first thing people see, whether they visit Rockford or not, is this giant, broken, four-faced clock. This is like having a house that has a dilpidated front door with this over-the-top back door. Sounds a little backward to me.

Let’s get priorities straight. So, the Clock Tower is broken. Real original, Rockford.

Shawn Williams

From the Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2012, issue

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