Fall ArtScene returns for 25th year Oct. 5-6

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Rockford Area Arts Council’s Fall ArtScene returns for the 25th year Friday and Saturday, Oct. 5-6. The event features new exhibits and original works of art in varied media of watercolor, acrylic, wood, sculpture, pottery, furniture, jewelry, photography and multi-media.

The free event showcases original works of art at 33 different locations (see list below) across the Rockford area. Hours are 5 to 9 p.m., Friday, and 3 to 9 p.m., Saturday.

Nearly 10,000 people attend ArtScene every year. For more about the event, call (815) 963-6765, e-mail info@artsforeveryone.com or visit www.artsforeveryone.com.

Following is a list of venues participating in the 25th Fall ArtScene (numbers correspond to the “Downtown Rockford” map and the “Metro Rockford” map).

Fall ArtScene venues

1. Aardvark Studios, 1109 Railroad Ave., (815) 961-9060 — “Three Studio Exhibition”: An exhibit of paintings and sculptures by Andrew Langoussis, portraits and beyond by Vincent Chiaramonte, and Nancy Benson displays her fiber art.

2. Ameriprise Financial, 6870 Rote Road, Suite 102, (815) 708-6112 — A diverse presentation including painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, jewelry, ceramics and floral design featuring a montage of Rockford’s finest artists including Tom Littrell, Lenny French, Tabatha Dougherty, Chuck Finch, Jon Fassett, Robert Coffey, Wanie Reeverts, Roni Golan, Ingrid Dohm, Diane Tepper, Sherrie Dorr, Johwey Redington, Jenny Mathews, Ann Fee, Steven Repka, Char Borah and Therese Rowinski. Fulfilling its commitment to the arts, in addition to ArtScene,

Ameriprise has arranged to have a rotating curated exhibit to be viewed by appointment throughout the year.

3. Art Matters Artists Coop/Prairie Street Gallery, 300 Prairie St., (815) 979-5109 — “Priceless”: An exhibit theme from coop member Tim Monroe turns market realities inside out and upside down. For ArtScene weekend, money will be taken out of the equation. Purchasing a piece of artwork only requires a decision to select and an interview for feedback at next April’s Spring ArtScene.

4. Artificium Gallery & Gifts, 333 E. State St., Suite 10 (lower level), (815) 319-2271 — “Ahr•tif•eh•KEY•um” (genitive artifici; n, second declension, art, craft, trade, skill, talent, artifice): Handmade art and goods by various local and regional artists including Meghan Turley, Nadja Schutt, Kim Girouard, Kari McDonald, Mariyam Jawad, Joelene Chinn, Jeanine Hutcherson, Sharon Lippert, John Linquist, Mary Jones, Nikki Hollander, Joseph Goral, Karla Lombardo, Jane Hooker, Marsha Goodheart, Lynn Webb, Carla Wiesend, Christina Crain, Kurt Erickson, Cynthia Linnabary, Mike Montavon, Cruz, Holly Wolf-Mattick, Amy Couper, Jean Apgar, Ron Clevenger, Amy Hollenbeck, Jill Calvanga and the Art Matters Coop — Ted Simmering, Teresa Schwiesow, Tim Monroe, Nancy McManus Olson and Stuart Roddy.

5. Atmosphere nails.hair at East Wind Business Complex, 129 S. Phelps Ave. (building 5, suite 511), (815) 509-3181 — “Art at Eastwind”: Atmosphere nails.hair, RenewU and Salon DeVille will feature various media from Atmosphere’s own Tracy Hoffman and Crystal Venable, Ann Fee, Adrienne Hare, Cora Hutchison, Fred Wescott, Matthew Johnson and Joyce Gibbons. Also featured will be a “Young Emerging Artists” exhibit from Mason Hoffman, Ashlyn Marrie, Zack Marrie, Alex Fee and kids from the Flodin Boys and Girls Club. Enjoy live music by Jeff Venable and Turkey Vulture Records.

"Flower," by Thomas Brain, featured at Bennie's Cleaners.

6. Bennie’s Cleaners, 126 N. First St., (815) 964-3070 — “Remembering Jim: A Bennie’s Artist Forever”: Featured works by Bob Blosser, acrylic and ink on canvas; Shannon Blosser-Salisbury, digital manipulation; Thomas Brain, photography; Joelene Chinn, Socks-That-Rock unique art dolls; Michelle Dorr, acrylic painting; Julie Ekstam, painting; Karen Gines, acrylics; Marsha Goodheart, mixed media; Anne Johnson, mixed fiber creations; Gordie Johnson, turned wood; Jeremy Klonicki/Carmen Turner, mixed media; Norm Knott, mixed media; Susan Lee, wheel-thrown pottery; Tom Linden, Plein Air oils; Cynthia Linnabary, pottery and painting; John S. Linquist, acrylics; Barbara McNamara, oils and watercolors; Scott Mount, watercolor; Sue Mount, watercolor; Nora Nelson, jewelry; Pam Kehoe-Peterson, jewelry; Wanie Reeverts, watercolor; Barry Reithmeier, digital art; Carolyn Repka, abstract acrylics; Una Ryan, fabric/mixed media; Bruce Santorini, pottery and sculpture; Dee Santorini, pottery, sculpture, watercolor, acrylic, wallstones; Barbara Santucci, acrylic/mixed media; Jeffrey Swanberg, photography; Manny Tang, acrylics and linoleum print; and Barry Treu, acrylics.

7. Bethesda Covenant Church, 2101 E. State St., (815) 397-4212 — “Without Walls”: A dozen willing homeless people were supplied with disposable cameras and asked to photograph the world through their eyes, providing them a chance to document what they see, and what it means to walk in their shoes. It is our hope that by bringing awareness of

"Mermaid," by Teresa Schwiesow, featured at Artificium Gallery & Gifts

the homeless to the community in the city of Rockford, we will find answers and help for these unfortunate people.

8. Burpee Museum of Natural History, 737 N. Main St., (815) 965-3433 — “Rick’s Pick’s”: Get to know the clown prince of rock ’n’ roll, the legendary Cheap Trick guitarist/songwriter Rick Nielsen, through his guitars, friends and personal collections of cool stuff. It’ll make you wish you never threw anything away, either. Special ArtScene admission: $5.

9. Carpenter’s Place, 1149 Railroad Ave., (815) 964-4105 — “Releasing the Artist Within”: It’s easy to judge people who are homeless by their exterior, but often deep inside rests a creative spirit waiting to be released. This show is a display of photography, jewelry and other artwork by the men and women from the Carpenter’s Place Housing programs who were recently homeless and are now rebuilding their lives, including “releasing the artist within.”

10. Church Street Gallery, 835 N. Church St., (815) 961-8265 — “Realism or Not”: Original acrylics, oils, watercolors, photography, mixed media, glass and pottery by featured artists Christy Andres, Jean Apgar, Karolyn Downey, K Dyer, Pat Lai, Helen Nelson, Mary Rosandich, Peg Sowle and more.

11. Clabough Photography, 136 N. First St., (815) 962-4776 — “Impressionistic Photography”: An exhibit featuring impressionistic style photography by Tom Clabough.

12. Collect: Art Gallery, 402 E. State St., third floor, (815) 670-2426 — “Life, Untouched”: Beth Skogen is an award-winning documentary photographer with a passion. “Life, Untouched,” captures life at its most raw, real — and fun! — moments. “Life, Untouched” features three of Skogen’s favorite things — babies, marching bands and alpacas — all in their purest state. As a self-proclaimed lover of life, Skogen is inspired by all her subjects, from newborn babies to freshly-sheared alpacas. Attend this gallery showing to be inspired by some of life’s most captivating moments.

"Atomica," by Shannon Blosser-Salisbury, featured at Bennie's Cleaners

13. Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 920 Third Ave., (815) 963-4815 — “Off The Wall: Exploring New Dimensions”: Art @ Emmanuel ventures into the realm of three dimensions (and maybe more?), inviting artists to present sculptural art and other works based on the theme “Off The Wall.” ArtScene hours: ONLY Friday, Oct. 5, in the Celebration Room Gallery at Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

14. Foto Envy, 317 W. Jefferson St., (815) 298-1536 — “The Pursuit of Analog”: FotoEnvy Studios presents a look forward and a look back to the art of film photography. In a digital age where technology changes constantly, this once-dead medium has made a strong comeback. Join us as we look at some of the characteristics that will keep film around forever. Featured artists include Joseph Goral, Nikki Hollander, Greg Farnham, Stephen Ramsden, Josiah Sjostrom, Sarah Hoey, Sheri Cook, Chris Warkocki, Leah Horcher, Tom Holoubek, Kyle Wilson, Cari Ann Wayman, Sonia Reyes Memmel, Lyndsay Marie Alma Holm, Tamarra Bavincio-Legge, Mary Diamond and Yunkin Keopphomma.

15. Ingrid Dohm Studio at Whitehead Realtors, 839 N. Perryville Road, (815) 227-0137 — “Recent Works: Still Lifes and Florals” by Ingrid Dohm and “Of the Moment” by photographer Paul Burkholder.

16. Irish Rose Saloon, 519 E. State St., (815) 964-0480 — “Inspiration and Divine Feminine”: An exhibit featuring Robert Jasker, “Graphic design explored through use of black ink. Life drawings with use of charcoal, conte and pastels. …Rockford needs a little inspiration,” and Deanna Schultz, “The spark of the divine that lives within all women; a series in oils.”

17. Katie’s Cup Coffee Bar, 502 Seventh St., (815) 986-0628 — “Eclectic Expressions”: An eclectic exhibit featuring Peggy Hutten, Wabi Sabi Creations, two- and three- dimensional, mixed media pieces and jewelry; Lynn Sanders, fantasy art of fairies and angels, mixed media, published illustrator; Lee Uhoda, jewelry featuring ear cuffs and necklaces; Barbara Taylor, painted gourds and Julie Garton, “Carry the Look” custom handbags, wine totes and unique items using vintage records and their artistic album covers.

18. Kortman Gallery at J.R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 N. Main St., (815) 968-0123 — “Urban Treasures: Renaissance through Imagination”: A group exhibition of artists inspired by the architecture of four prominent, architecturally significant, yet endangered buildings in downtown Rockford: The Midway Theater, The Armory, The Elks Club and the Ziock/Amerock Building. Multi-media works by Margret Hesler Hynes, Ryan Davis, R. Scott Long, Doug Connell of Engine Studio, Robert Sunday, Shari Grace, Keith Grace, Kyle Wolfe, Michael Bugler, Jeremy Klonicki, Matt Herbig, Betsy Youngquist and Gary W. Anderson Architects are influenced by each of the buildings’ unique design characteristics, historic stature and imaginative future.

19. Kryptonite Bar, 308 W. State St., (815) 965-0931 — “My City, My Story” by Pablo Korona. Many photographers share portraits of people who mean something to them.

20. North Main Studios, 2500 N. Main St., Door 4 South, (815) 519-1809 — “Studio Artists Exhibit with Special Guest Artists”: An exhibit featuring Jane Hooker, mixed media painting; John Lamar, copper sculpture and painting; Cruz, mixed media sculpture; Joseph Goral, mixed media painting; Bobbi Sorensen, photography; and Midwest Airbrush.

21. Octane Interlounge, 124 N. Main St., (815) 965-4012 — “Let It Bleed”: A celebration of Rockford artist Erik Evanson’s life through art, music and skateboarding.

22. The Office, 513 E. State St., (815) 965-0344 — “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”: “Rainbows glow chakras, in light, after rain. There are seven of them and each has a name. We all draw for our color centers, individual yet same. They heal, they love, they embrace our game.” Enjoy and purchase the original fine art of Jeanne Coe. Recognized nationally for her Healing Art, Dimensions. Airbrushed backgrounds of our natural color spectrum with acrylic and mineral overlays.

23. Phoenix Traders, 215 Seventh St., (815) 962-4212 — “Black Light Buddha”: Mandala Artwork under Black Light by Russ Burton. Burton has a series of Black Light Reactive Mandalas that have been shown interstate and locally. Influenced by Eastern philosophy and PsyTrance aspects, these Mandalas light up the inner cosmos of the mind. Aum Shanti. Blotter Art and Jam Band Photo Collectables by Geno Balistreire of HippiesHouse. Geno will be showing and selling highly collectible and legal examples of psychedelic Blotter Art. These sheets are sought after by collectors of psychedelica as legal to possess cultural artifacts of Americana. He will also be displaying Jam Band and Rock Collectable photo pieces.

24. Regional Design Center, 315 N. Main St., (815) 519-2121 — “Art & Inspiration”: The Rockford Art Guild and The ELEMENT present an inspiring exhibit of 2D and 3D works by artists of the Rockford Art Guild and others. Featured artists include Barbara Berney, Penny Cash, Ron Clevenger, Daphne Cooper, Doe Dummer, Chuck Gregory, Lori Hart-Piper, Jennifer Hillistad, Amy Holmquist, Karoyln Kentner, Cristi Kniess, Paula Marsh, Debra Mayer, Susan Meyer, Jane Peterson, Mary Rosandich, Janus Rose, Connie Rounds, Kristin Thoma, Sandi Uram and Sherry Viktora.

25. Restoration Café, 625 W. State St., (815) 977-4361 — “Natural Beauty and Wonders of our Nation”: Artist Susan Woodman features photographic images of beautiful national parks and states throughout our great nation including Canyonlands, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Arizona and Wisconsin. Her color and black-and-white images have the appearance of paintings. Portrait and wedding photography will also be available for viewing.

26. Rockford Art Deli/Pirate Ninja Print Shop, 402 E. State St., (312) 725-4723 — “Legitimize Lies”: The kids will still hate us tomorrow. With a lot of ink, and a little love, join in an escape from the shadows through a collective, visual platform of Truthiness. Fatherless.

27. Rockford Art Museum, 711 N. Main St., (815) 968-2787 — “Full Circle: Little City Foundation”: The Center for the Arts at Little City Foundation in Palatine, Ill., has long recognized that creativity knows no boundaries. For more than 20 years, this dynamic organization has empowered and challenged people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through its innovative fine art program. Full Circle celebrates the notable achievements of these gifted, but often unrecognized, artists, and explores the ways in which they use art to communicate. Their remarkable talents in outsider art and other genres include painting, sculpture and video. Sponsored by the Thomas and Kathleen Laird Family Foundation, guest curated by Patty Rhea. Show runs Oct. 5, 2012-Jan. 6, 2013. ArtScene hours: ONLY Saturday, Oct. 6.

28. Rockford Auto Museum (former Vecchio Signs building), 518 Walnut St., (815) 505-9877 or (630) 726-4550 — “Rockford Creations”: A variety of art featuring neon, photography, painting and mixed media by artists Nikki Rice, Jason Gough, David Mark Williams, Jesus Correa, Hardrick Gulley, Sean Anomie, Brooke Englehart, Rick Zillhart, Danica Hoffman, Debra Jo Howard, Andrew Stickler, Lisa McCartney, Kathryn Martin, Sarah Danielle Stewart and Immortal Beauty Photography. Featuring original live music from local musicians.

29. Rockford College Art Gallery, 5050 E. State St., (815) 226-4105 — “Michiko Itatani: Cosmic Wanderlust”: Michiko Itatani, Professor of Painting and Drawing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, exhibits large-scale paintings on canvas. (Show runs through Oct. 16).

30. The Service Station, 130 N. Second St., (815) 980-8371 — “A Reverie of Boudoir”: Artists fotobanter and noir/vogue feature contemporary and fine art boudoir photography that will inspire intangible sensations: evocative sensuality, elusiveness, intricate prowess and impenetrable sexuality. “A Reverie of Boudoir” celebrates beauty, empowerment and self-acceptance of the female form.

31. Tom Littrell Design and 317 Studio & Gallery, 317 Market St., (815) 621-4668 — “Art and Design Nuptials”: Tom Littrell Design and 317 Studio & Gallery once again celebrate the marriage of the visual arts, performing arts and interior design. Experience the perfect combination of the visual and audio senses, all in the historic former Rockford Illustrating building. Trademark opportunities to personally participate in the creative process continue to be provided. Featured artists include: Tom Littrell, Lenny French, Tabatha Dougherty, Chuck Finch, Jon Fassett, Robert Coffey, Wanie Reeverts, Roni Golan, Ingrid Dohm, Diane Tepper, Johwey Redington, Jenny Mathews and Therese Rowinski. Enjoy the musical and spoken-word “Ramblings” of “Longshot,” Matt Lightcap and Rich Middleton, Carlita and Christopher Sims.

32. Vintage@501, 501 E. State St., (630) 776-1939 — “Signs and Wonders”: An exhibit featuring spiritual iconography paintings in acrylic by artist Michael Idzikowski.

JustGoods Fair Trade Gallery (late addition; not included on map), 201 Seventh St., (815) 965-8903 — “Used Art Sale”: Rockford Urban Ministries’ (RUM) annual “Used Art Sale” will be open during ArtScene, providing affordable art donated by local patrons, supporters and artists themselves including Jim Julin, John Berry, Dorothy Bock, Jeff and Christine Swanberg, and Picasso. (Donations still accepted throughout the sale). Proceeds help “RUM” rehab housing and start special programs in the community.

From the Oct. 3-9, 2012, issue

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