Churchill’s column agitates

The column by Nancy Churchill surely got me agitated. She writes of an “alternative universe,” and she must be right, because it’s not possible that she inhabits the same one that I do. She ends her column, “If we agitate, could we restore sanity?”

Based on what she wrote, I doubt if there is any hope for her personally. I could not find a single statement or opinion that I agreed with or that was based on fact. All platitudes and recycled liberal tripe.

Richard Gribbins
Oregon, Ill.

From the Oct. 10-16, 2012, issue

One thought on “Churchill’s column agitates

  • Feb 2, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    In your Jan. 30 – Feb.5, 2013 Commentary by Nancy Churchill: Nancy is correct! The far right of the USA has been using any bullying technique possible to undo the “Liberals”. They’ve tried to make being someone who believes in “live and let live” as some sort of nasty animal that is against all that is American. I am one who believes in live and let live and I also happen to be a member of the NRA and disagree vehemently with these attitudes that only the “right” is correct and all others are going to Hell. Well if that’s so then I believe that a lot of us will see many more of you there. Look at the recent mass killings, look at what Obama really did say not what the “right” is trying to put into his mouth. Look at common sense, then look at the American Rifleman, (any issue), and what do you see there? More and more assault weapons and armor piercing bullets that the common civilian DOES NOT NEED. I have sent several e-mails to Wayne LaPierre with absolutely NO answers. LaPierre’s ideas on protecting children are maniacal. More and more guns will do nothing to solve our problems in this country and people who will not even try to see the other side of the coin will not solve those problems either. I have no problem with guns in the right hands. That is obviously where we as a country are getting into trouble. Just look; states such as Arizona let anybody with a driver’s lic. and one year of residency buy a gun within minutes and carry it concealed. Gun shows are famous for doing the same thing. those dealers act like they are handing out candy to kids. One of you dealers tell me how do you know that the person is stable and won’t turn the gun loose on you? And this business at the Penn. gun show this last week where the dealers refused to show at all if they can’t sell assault weapons actually says that the dealers really do not care whose hands the firearms get into. It is obvious that there are plenty of people in this country who don’t care as long as they make a buck. Are there others out there who see this constant trend also? I am talking about dangerous weapons that are left to get into the wrong hands. Many hardware stores no longer sell spray paints or markers to anyone under the age of 18 preciously because of the same kind of basic, or should I say basest, thinking.
    There are a lot of stable people in the US and a lot of them are allowing unstable people to misuse items, usually dangerously. Is this what the “right” calls right? John Nall, Machesney Park, IL

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