Remember the Winnebago County Board vote on landfill expansion

Are you happy with the landfill expansion? If you are, you must remember who voted for it and vote your choice. If you’re like me, the value of your home has depreciated, you can’t enjoy the outdoors, have to keep your windows and doors shut, even in nice weather; then vote against them. A reminder of those who voted for it is listed for your convenience.

Isidro Barrios (D-11); John Cabello (R-8); Angie Goral (D-7); John Guevara (R-13); Kevin Horstman (R-5); Bob Kinnison (R-10); Jim Webster (R-2); Dianne Parvin (R-4); John Sweeney (R-14); Marc Gasparini (R-1); Ted Biondo (R-9); Frank Gambino (R-14); Pearl Hawks (D-6); Gary Jury (R-3); L.C. Wilson (D-12); Fred Wescott (R-9); Dave Tassoni (D-7); Kay Mullins (R-8); Rick Pollack (R-13); Kyle Logan (R-3).

See you at the polls!

Evelyn Polecastro

From the Oct. 10-16, 2012,  issue

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