Choose Bruscato for State’s Attorney

I have had the opportunity to hear and see the candidates for Winnebago County State’s Attorney. I have noticed that both men are qualified but in very distinct ways. One is a multi-tasking State’s Attorney while the other is a former assistant prosecuting attorney.

To the public, the distinction may be lost, but to those of us that practice every day, it is a big difference. It is clear that Attorney Weber wants to prosecute murder cases himself. In his view, the county would benefit from this. I don’t disagree the county can use an experienced assistant, but the office of State’s Attorney is bigger than just one job. It is one of many hats that “must” be worn. Prosecutor, administrator, facilitator and politician all rolled into one person.

Based on Attorney Weber’s statements, it is also clear we will see more inmates housed in the county jail. If Attorney Weber has his way, the county will have to fund more money into a bigger jail and/or more jail personnel. Generally, that means a tax increase. I can put an educated guess as to the background of those additional inmates.

Attorney Bruscato has shown he can get along with the public even when there are difficult and unpopular decisions to make. He is the whole package of prosecutor, administrator, facilitator and politician. Joe Bruscato is a multidimensional individual with a proven track record. His experience as a city attorney, assistant attorney general and private attorney gives this county the best man for the job. We have seen successful prosecution after prosecution of the county’s serious felonies. We have seen the reduction in the county crime rate, and we have seen proven results in the courtroom

It is always easy to armchair quarterback; anyone can criticize another, but one’s past record counts, too. Attorney Weber’s censure by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission that was ratified by the Illinois Supreme Court, for example. A former State’s Attorney who was fired from his last job by the people of Jo Daviess County is another. It is incumbent upon a candidate to show why we should hire him. It is difficult when one brings baggage of a lack of temperament and judgment.

Election decisions are deeply personal and often based on partisanship; this time we all need to take a good look at the candidates. When you do, the party stripes fall away, and what you have left is the most qualified man for the job. I want to ask the citizens of Winnebago County to vote for the only logical choice for State’s Attorney — Joe Bruscato.

Rene Hernandez
Attorney at Law

From the Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2012, issue

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