Obama’s agenda destroys our constitutional rights

Will your vote allow Obamacare and government to take away our Constitution;s First Amendment religious rights? Our religious rights are dominated by Obasma’s HHS Mandate. We seemingly get close to Communist control by separating the religious people from the non-religious, and Obama’s removal of God from all government buildings since 1787.

America has every religion, every race, we’re all guaranteed equality with liberty and justice.

President Obama could have repaired Medicaid by charging a small monthly charity tax to all Americans and by not giving billions away to Planned Parenthood and weapons, airplanes and abortifacients to other countries.

1. “Obamacare” forces religious and all private business employers to pay for employees’ health insurance, sterilization, contraceptives, abortifacients, killing human life.

2. It forces religious employers separation of conscience, which belongs to God alone.

3. It forces charity limits on serving only their religion.

4. It forces doctors to work for a pittance, resulting in fewer doctors.

5. It forces your emergency surgery to wait for approval by a panel of 15 people. Canadians and Europeans come here for emergency surgery.

6. It forces you to pay yearly if you don’t have healh insurance coverage.

7. It forces control of insurance companies.


9. A vote for Ron Paul splits Romney’s vote and gives it to Obama. Please save religious rights; vote ROMNEY and RYAN. Thank you.

Helen M. Deckler
Freeport, Ill.

Posted Oct. 31, 2012

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