Thanks to constituents of Winnebago County District 10

I would like to thank the constituents of District 10 in southeast Rockford for 12 years of serving on the Winnebago County Board.

I do wish the new board member of District 15 success in collaborating with a great board. Also, to the many dedicated public servants which I have met, thank you for listening to me harp endlessly about the necessity of growing manufacturing jobs and also providing work opportunities and tough love for those in our criminal justice system. And yes, I do appreciate the tireless efforts of The Rock River Times to prod all government entities, including Winnebgo County, toward transparency and better listening.

Going forward, please join me in praying and working for the academic/career success and spiritual revival of our young people. We need to shift our fight from the mountains of Afghanistan to address the growing apathy, government dependency and moral relativism within our community.

God bless Winnebgo County.

John Ekberg
Controller, Circle Boring

From the Nov. 14-20, 2012, issue

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