Tech-Friendly: Read ‘The Rock River Times’ on your tablet, computer and smartphone

By Paul Gorski

I was reading online reader comments for “Keepin’ it Kleen: When fairness is no longer fair” (Nov. 14-20 issue), noting that a reader asked this paper to cover “news” rather than columnists. Since that article was about education, I thought I’d do a little educating here about all the news that is news in The Rock River Times via the Internet. By the way, I wasn’t asked to write this article.

There’s plenty of news in The Rock River Times, more online than in print. Despite being a weekly print newspaper, The Rock River Times (as many weeklies do) continually posts news online throughout the week. Whether you’re on a tablet, desktop or laptop computer, news is regularly updated at

Breaking news is listed on the left side of the home page under “Happening Now” and in the center of the home page under “News.” You’ll also find new articles posted on the various news categories, including: Local, Regional, State and Nation/World, to name just a few.

Smartphones do present a problem for reading some news websites, unless you have a specialized app, which we don’t. But I do have a completely unauthorized mobile-optimized site for The Rock River Times at

I developed this mobile site for personal use to follow the headlines for all recent news, entertainment, and commentary posts on I now offer it to you. Bookmark it on your smartphone!

The mobile site provides article titles and links back to in a simple, compact smartphone-compatible format to make it easier to find local breaking news. Let me know how you like it, and I’ll send your comments to the publisher.

The Rock River Times also offers news via Facebook and Twitter, with links to those accounts on the home page. PDF copies of the weekly print version are also available as downloadable links on the home page, and I think the PDFs look great on tablets.

You might be thinking, “sure, I know about” Consider this a gentle reminder, then, that a lot of news gets posted online that you may not see in print. Also, I’m pretty sure you weren’t aware of the mobile site option, so please check that out and send me your suggestions for improving it. Contact me at

Paul Gorski ( has been a technology manager nearly 20 years, specializing in workflow solutions for printing, publishing and advertising computer users. Originally destined to be a chemist, his interest in computers began in college when he wrote a program to analyze data from lab instruments he hard-wired to the back of an Apple IIe.

From the Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2012, issue

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