Winnebago Village trustees unable to write

The legislative branch is made up of individuals sent by the people to be their voice and champion of their concerns. However, it seems as these elected individuals enter their offices, they suddenly become the defenders of all three branches’ misdemeanors, misdeeds and criminal behavior. The people’s grievances and demands are ignored, stonewalled and buried. Whilst the politicians spoke so many wonderful compassionate words before the election, once elected, they clothe themselves in silence and create a barrier of indifference and inaction. This is true no matter what level of government office is occupied. The Village of Winnebago Trustee Board is no exception. Silence, confusion and inaction are the only response to alleged police misconduct, brutalilty and sexual assault complaints. The Police Commission chairman, CEO of YMCA and RRS columnist Kris Kieper has lost her ability to write and respond to possible police tampering with evidence, a felony in this state. However, Kris Kieper has so many words for her “public” in her news column. Yet, she is unwilling to utter five simple words as “I am looking into it” to her people who depend on her.

Timothy Lindsay

From the Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2012, issue

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