State senator voices opposition to senate’s passing of bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses

Online Staff Report

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Controversial legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses passed the Illinois Senate despite the objections of State Sen. Dave Syverson, R-Rockford.

The federal government has failed to act responsibly, thus creating a massive immigration problem at the state level,” Syverson said. “A federal failure has caused a great deal of pain to families, communities and state governments. Local jails are overcrowded due to the inaction of the federal government, thus cities and counties are left with the fiscal responsibility of handling these illegal immigrants.”

Senate Bill 957, if passed by the Illinois House, would create a new class of driver’s licenses that would not be recognized by authorities as a form of identification.

Syverson was concerned that the bill also fails to advance many enforcement capabilities, including a lack of background check before obtaining the new licenses.

Syverson noted that Illinois currently has a 15 percent rate of uninsured motorists because, for many, the financial obligations of purchasing insurance far outweigh the penalties for not having insurance.

Opponents argued that by licensing the illegal immigrants, Illinois should see a rise in the number of insured motorists and a concurrent drop in insurance payouts and premiums,” Syverson said. “Sadly, in the two states (Washington and New Mexico) that have allowed illegal immigrant driver’s licenses, those costs have not resulted in a net savings for any consumer.”

Posted Dec. 6, 2012

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