Eclipse Inc., Weldments assist Boy Scouts

December 12, 2012

Boy Scout Troop 620 of Roscoe, Ill., recently worked with two local businesses to earn the new Welding Merit Badge. Twenty-three Boy Scouts ages 12-17 attended the welding class to earn the new badge. Scout leaders Todd Cleaveland, of Eclipse Inc., and Steve Gleasman, of Weldments Inc., created an environment in their facilities for the scouts to learn about the types of welding, welding safety and the completion of a welding project. Scouts were required to demonstrate welding process selection, equipment set-up, safety precautions and hands-on welding of a t-joint, butt joint and lap joint. They practiced laying multiple weld beads on a flat piece of metal and welded their initials. The final project was to weld a box that they could take with them to show off their newly-acquired skills. These two firms worked together to help demonstrate to the youth the skills and technology that exist in the manufacturing process.

From the Dec. 12-18, 2012, issue

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