Literary Hook: An inspirational poem to start the new year

Christine Swanberg

By Christine Swanberg
Author and Poet

Here is a poem from a Rock River Times favorite, Carol Fox. Carol is a retired state librarian and educator who enjoys her family, especially her grandchild. She is a member of the Wednesday Writers and a singer with the Unitarian choir.

This is a great poem to finish a year or start a new one. It is inspirational, soothing, candid and interesting. No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, something in this poem is sure to stir you.

We Are This Earth

Thankful for the rising sun

The mystic moon

This Squinkey bubble planet

That squeezes us, protects us,

Feeds us, clothes us

Thankful for family

Brusque, brisk and brash

Kind, curious, creative

The towering talents

The tortured

The fragile

The persistent

The overindulgent

The farmers

The settlers

The coal miners

The mill workers

The immigrants

Old King Cole

And the native souls

We are this earth

We are its spirit

And for its blessings

We must EVER be REJOICINGLY thankful

cjf 2012

Christine Swanberg is a local author.

From the Dec. 26, 2012-Jan. 1, 2013, issue

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