Help feed Timber Lake performers

January 2, 2013

Editor’s note: The following was distributed in a Dec. 27 e-mail.

Did you know Timber Lake Playhouse provides two meals a day for 36 performers and designers throughout the summer? That’s 5,688 meals prepared by Donna Lessman and her dedicated kitchen staff.

Feeding a family can be expensive, and when there are close to 40 in our family, we know how to stretch a dollar! It costs about $30,000 each summer to keep our troops well fed so they have the energy to pull off a staggering 90 performances in under 110 days.

Your contributions help us make that happen. The cost of one meal is $5. Can you give one or two meals — or more?

We’d like to cover one-third of next summer’s meals by the end of 2012! That’s only five days, but we think we can do it! If everyone who sees this e-mail gives $5, we can raise $10,000!

It’s not too late for one more tax deduction this year. Show your appreciation to our talented company and give a meal here:

Thank you for supporting our artists, and have a wonderful finish to 2012!

James Beaudry
Executive Director, Timber Lake Playhouse
Mount Carroll, Ill.

From the Jan. 2-8, 2013, issue

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