Guest Column: Where have the Americans gone?

By George Andrews

The America in which I grew up is gone. Most of the Americans with whom I grew up are gone, too.

The proud, self-reliant citizens of this country are mostly gone now. Americans that once were men and women with unwavering principles and clear, godly values have become soft, compliant creatures. They willingly tolerate anything and everything in the name of fairness and equality. They are “comfortable” and thus inattentive and completely unaware that the seeds planted in society today will affect them greatly in the future. They live their lives in contradiction, smugly believing they are great citizens and parents, yet can’t take the time to attend a community meeting or learn the values of those who will run their children’s schools after the next election.

Oh, those on the left today still have core values. Those values rest upon progressive ideas, socialism and Marxism. Those on the left do not hesitate to use every tool available to them to solidify their values. They work tirelessly to advance their progressive agenda, brushing aside each godly and American principle of freedom with little or no protest or resistance from society at large. The left advances by unrelenting attack, wielding accusations as swords, severing arguments before they can be formed, let alone articulated. Pushing forward on several fronts at once, diverting attention here while implementing unexpected pressure there, and then changing the battle zone next week.

Today, those on the right have no clear values … that they will fight for. They have been brainwashed to believe that they must be nice and polite, and considerate of everyone else’s feelings. To confront issues directly is considered crass and politically incorrect. The lip service they pay to each new progressive insult is almost always approached from a political point of view. They somehow are incapable of understanding that it is our culture which is under attack, not our political establishments. They firmly believe that the next election will solve every problem, but only if we work and campaign a little harder and support candidate “y” instead of candidate “x.”

Meantime, the progressives incrementally advance upon our social institutions. Our schools, churches, media, workplaces, charitable organizations, youth organizations and others are now little more than satellite groups of, and tools for, the liberal agenda. Take great care! To say that out loud will get you accused of being racist, homophobic or worse. You may very well be sued and/or arrested for a hate crime. Take heart, though, if we elect the right politician next time, he or she will take care of it, by golly.

The pews in our churches are filled to record numbers with citizens who will quickly tell you they are Christians. And they truly believe they are. Yet, they sit idly by as their church welcomes unwed and same-sex families every week. In most churches, abortion is a subject that is “uncomfortable” and is rarely spoken about or condemned. To openly condemn the sin and forgive the sinner is a concept that has become off limits, even completely foreign in many churches. Most pastors will tell you that to speak from the pulpit about contemporary issues and the effects on society and the family, or to discuss openly and honestly what the Bible tells us about those issues, will violate laws and government regulations. Still, most parishioners will quickly come to the defense of their church. To many churchgoers, the most important thing is that “our church is a friendly church.” To the pastors and church boards, the most important thing is growing the church membership and the church income. Most of today’s churches do not help people and families live according to God’s word and Christian values. They entertain and commiserate. “Jesus loves you” is about as far as it goes.

This past November, our country took what may very well have been the last “fork in the road.” It is not likely that there will be an opportunity to turn around, or even back up. Close to a majority of people now do not pay any taxes. Yet, they are not allowed to feel the effects of that lack of contribution. That would not be “fair.” Our politicians provide everything necessary for them to be comfortable, too.

Most Americans today pay proper respect to the men who gave their lives for our freedom. Very few give proper respect to the freedoms for which those men died. Most Americans sit quietly while those freedoms are watered down and washed away, one by one. Agenda 21 is an active plot to destroy our country and its citizens. Yet, 97 percent of the people have never heard of it. It is being implemented right here, right now in our city and county and around the country, but since you are not aware of it, you will not recognize that it is happening.

Time is short. The remaining hard-working, productive people in this country must have an “aha! moment” and realize that something is terribly, terribly wrong with our system. A “breaking point”of sorts is required when you will finally conclude that it is up to you. There is no one else to fix it. It is you who must stand up, get totally involved and make it clear you will no longer allow the nonsense at your schools, churches, workplaces and everywhere it is occurring. You do have the power to do that. You just need to realize it.

If you fail to do that, our culture will continue to erode, and we will wake up one day soon and realize that our society is “completely fair.” Those who produce and those who consume will be truly equal. At that point, our government will take care of everyone, as governments have done so many times in history, with such horrific results.

George Andrews is a resident of Davis, Ill.

From the Jan. 9-15, 2013, issue

2 thoughts on “Guest Column: Where have the Americans gone?

  • Jan 9, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Good letter, George. I, like you, ask the same questions.

    I’ve watched our country devolve from a moral, good place to a perverted anything-goes, “do it to somebody else before they do it to you” horrible place.

    Unfortunately, I come to a different conclusion. The young mush-headed youth of today are being sucked in by our Marxist President.

    I fear this generation will be the end of America, and the beginning of a marxist dictatorship. The kids of today believe they are entitled to freedom.

    They will be harshly taught how wrong they are.

  • Jan 11, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    Mr. Andrews:
    Thank you very much for putting into words what REAL Americans are feeling. I don’t know how the “American” people has stooped this low. It must be the schools teaching “America” isn’t the only Shining city left on this earth.
    Why doesn’t Nancy Churchill A Progressive Visionary,Mark Hister & Susan pick out any country in the world and I will pay a one way ticket there after they give up the United States Citizenship. This country was Great before obama and it will be again when The Real People of this Great Nation wake up and kick out the communist that run it now.

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