Drivers — watch out for runners

With the snow and dark that are now upon us, it’s time for you to really pay attention to your driving habits. As a runner, I may be speaking for other runners when I say we are at drivers’ mercy. This doesn’t apply just to the winter, but to all year.

Snow and early darkness does make our activity a little more dangerous. We appreciate drivers who stop before crosswalks, slow upon coming to intersections and stoplights, and don’t throw things at us. We like when people let us cross crosswalks instead of blazing through them.

Please be courteous, not just now, but always. The snow makes it more dangerous for us who are just trying to get out and enjoy the weather while improving upon our bodies. With that said, I would like to send a thank-you out to those of you who shovel your sidewalks. We appreciate all of you who are mindful of runners. Those of you who aren’t, just keep an eye open a little wider. ALSO, DON’T TEXT WHILE DRIVING. That’s just ignorant.

Shawn Williams

From the Jan. 23-29, 2013, issue

One thought on “Drivers — watch out for runners

  • Feb 18, 2013 at 9:18 am


    I agree that traffic needs to be aware of runners, walkers, and cyclists. I also agree with a previous statement about walkers, runners, and cyclists wearing highly visible clothing, and beacons are also a good idea (also stated).

    However, the smugness, arrogance, and narcissism in which you are trying to make your point doesn’t carry it so far.

    I had been a runner for years, also running on streets and sidewalks, and can honestly say that I have never had anyone in a passing car throw anything at me. Although I never think it OK to throw anything at anyone from a moving vehicle, I would ask you to try and take an impartial personal inventory of your own behaviors and mannerisms while running, to be sure that your behaviors aren’t inviting such hostilities.

    If you are incapable of taking such an impartial personal inventory, then try to get one from the outside.

    Although this may well not be who you are as a person (normally), you come off a bit more as a self-important ass rather than someone with best intention for the walking/running/cycling community. You may have wanted to have had another person proof read this before you sent it.

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