Guest Column: Lee County wind closing arguments

By Richard Boris
Village of Lee President

The Lee County wind turbine siting hearing begins closing arguments Jan. 23. The closing arguments continue Feb, 4-6. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. at the Old Court House, 112 E. Second St., third floor, Dixon, Ill., and usually run to 7 or 9:30 p.m., but often run a little later.

The continued hearing for Lee County closing arguments should be an excellent opportunity to hear a summary of the key issues of concern relative to the Mainstream wind turbine project. All citizens should look beneath the surface and become more informed about wind turbine issues.

Douglas Lee, attorney for Mainstream Renewable Power (the Irish wind company that has not erected any wind turbines in the U.S., and that has not had any responsibility for an operating wind farm in the U.S.), will provide his closing argument first. He will be followed by Rick Porter, attorney representing farmers who are opposed to some or all of the wind project turbines. Porter indicated his final argument may be long (so his argument may be continued to the Feb. 4 hearing), when other citizens, not represented by Porter, may also be given their only opportunity to provide a closing argument.

Also note that a private citizen has been consistently audio recording the hearings and putting them on YouTube. See one at Transcripts of the hearings are also being put on the Lee County website under the Planning and Zoning Department. Expert witnesses and other testimony contained in the transcripts, the cross-examination and the final arguments offer greater knowledge of the energy issues and the potential collateral damage.

Facilitator and retired judge Tim Slavin indicated at the last meeting that (for those who filled out the cards to present a closing argument) once their name is called to give a closing argument, that will be their only chance to give a closing argument.

From the Jan. 23-29, 2013, issue

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