Traffic hazard downtown — police cars!

Wednesday, Jan. 9, on the way to an IceHogs game, I saw a terrible accident caused by our Rockford police. With at least eight Rockford police in groups like they were getting ready for riot control, in parking lots close to the PSB, a couple sets of them made their way carelessly east on Elm Street past the BMO Harris Bank Center. Lights and sirens on, the cars sped about like it was the last call on earth!

As the police sped past the Harris Bank Center in small groups, people crossing the rough street to enter the Harris Bank Center had to jump out of the way like a car racing through a small stream!

If that wasn’t enough, one squad car raced down the street so fast and sudden that an elderly gentleman fell face down on the curb of the Harris Bank Center! All of us looked at the cop in the car, wondering why he did not stop.

When it was clear that the Rockford cop was not going to do his duty and stop, I posted myself in the center of the street to block the next volley of police that were sure to come! 911 had been called by another bystander, as I was almost run over as I proceeded to inform the police car speeding at me that I had an emergency more important than some glorified shift change!

When the policeman got out of his car, the man was to get the help he needed, and I left to see the game we both came to see.

What was so important to the Rockford police that day at about 6:30 p.m. that the public at a sporting event has to run for fear when the police came their way?

I didn’t run, and there were a few others there to help this assaulted man on his way to an IceHogs game.

My camera was not working right then, and lucky for the police driver! A man that can’t drive safely through pedestrian traffic should not be allowed to wear a gun in public!

I hope the victim will be fine, and the city needs to pay for the costs!

Daniel Robert Smyth

From the Jan. 30-Feb. 5, 2013, issue

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