Where government really gets its money

Too many people seem to think the government has an endless supply of money to dole out to them, without realizing it really comes from them as taxpayers. How many times does one hear people say, “Oh, the government pays for it” with no concern as to where the government gets it?

Greedy ones who only think of themselves with their groups for more from the government would be better served by working for a healthier economy that would benefit everybody. This greed often leads to unemployment for many of those with their demands. A real road to full employment would be a healthier economy, as espoused by most Republicans (especially those that are in the Tea Party).

On the other hand, the Democrats, especially as led by President Barack Obama, placate unions, lawyers, environmentalists and other special interest groups in demands that lead to a worsened economy.

Michael A. Smith

From the Jan. 30-Feb. 5, 2013, issue

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