Dr. Julia’s Inn: The correlation between weight loss, sleep and thyroid issues

Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz

By Dr. Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz, N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

(First of a series)

It is hard to believe that Jan. 1 marked my 31st year in business. How my in-home massage and fitting business took me to another wonderful level of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor with my education involving my practice as a Registered Colon Hydrotherapist with a master’s in nutrition, master’s in herboloty and a Licensed Massage Therpist. The stories that I could write and the wisdom that I could give to a new Naturopathic Doctor makes me smile. This article that I am writing will be a three-part series. The correlation between weight issues, thyroid and sleep are huge. I have clinically put this together over and over in my practice and have been blessed to be able to help people with all three of these issues. The first part of this three-part series will be dealing with weight loss.

As a very wise colleague and medical doctor told me, you cannot put in more calories per day and not burn them off. As we age, we are not as active as we were, and our food intake cannot be excessive if we are not burning these calories. My mentor, who is 86 years old, has a caloric intake of 800 calories, and these 800 calories are very healthy. I continually tell my patients that when you are eating good, healthy food, you gravitate toward good, healthy foods, and you find you do not need to eat that much if you are feeding your body with healthy foods.

When you are eating foods that are high in sugars, you keep craving these foods, for they raise your blood sugar. But along with raising your blood sugar, within two hours you crash, and you then reach for those sugary foods. This is what I call the yo-yo effect. Your blood sugar is a roller coaster throughout the day, and so are your emotions. Along with raising your blood sugar, you’re wiping out the good bacteria in your large intestine, and this sets the stage for yeast and candida to grow. Once yeast and candida are growing in your gut, the body needs to keep feeding it, and this is a vicious circle.

What I personally see in my office when people come to me with weight issues is, their diet is full of dead, processed foods, and they honestly do not realize how much sugars they are eating. When you eat breads, pastas, potatoes and rice, these foods turn into sugars. They think sugar is just cookies, candies and cakes. This is such a misnomer. Do you realize that if you eat an orange, your blood sugar is great, but if you drink orange juice, your blood sugar raises to a diabetic level? This is because that orange juice does not have fiber or bulk. I highly suggest that everyone get a book on the glycemic levels and educate yourself on the foods that you eat that affect your glycemic index. If you want to jump-start your health and start to feel good, here are some wonderful tips on feeling better and losing weight in just seven days.

Breakfast: Start your morning off with a warm glass of water with the juice of a fresh-squeezed organic lemon, then mix yourself a bowl of fresh, organic fruit. By eating fresh fruit first thing in the morning, this is a wonderful way to get rid of excess fluids, and it is a great way to get the glucose into the brain. Fruit such as melons, pineapple, oranges, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are a great detoxifier, but spend the extra money and make sure they are organic. Wait 20 minutes, and then have some protein such as an organic, hardboiled egg or leftover organic meat. This great protein will keep you focused and not allow the roller coaster to happen with your blood sugar. If you are hungry between breakfast and lunch, make yourself some wonderful mixture of dandelion and corn silk tea. This will be great for edema and liver support.

Lunch: This will be greens. A large salad with every imaginable raw vegetable that you love and add protein for brain power and blood sugar. Protein coming from all sources such as eggs, chicken, tuna, turkey, white cheese and your salad dressing coming from homemade Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Add some fresh herbs for seasoning and taste, and lightly spritz your salad with this wonderful homemade dressing. Drink your wonderful teas for edema and liver support.

Dinner: Baked or grilled chicken, fish, beef with steamed veggies and a wonderful raw salad. Spritz your homemade dressing on steamed veggies and salad.

Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water and your detoxing tea.

Now, does this really sound like a diet? This is a healthy way to eat and to help you lose some of those unwanted pounds. This way of eating should be your lifestyle until you see those unwanted pounds disappear.

Julia Whipkey-Michniewicz is a Naturopathic Doctor who is celebrating two milestones this year. This is her 13th year cancer free by not doing the chemical therapy and radiation and 31 years in business. If you would like to make an appointment with her in her Rockford office, call (815) 962-3326 to schedule your appointment.

From the Feb. 6-12, 2013, issue

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