Students get anti-bullying and safety course through Elite Defense Systems

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As bullying continues to be an issue at every school, private or public, students are now getting a first-hand lesson on how to deal with them. As extreme bullying cases show up in the national spotlight from time to time, local students and parents are taking a proactive stance.

Matt Numrich of the Elite Defense Systems is offering lessons in dealing with bullies through Rock Valley College every Monday. from 4 to 6:15 p.m., Feb. 11 to March 4, at Elite Defense Systems, 5694 Strathmoor Drive, Rockford. Sign-up fee is $39.

“Dealing with school bullies has unfortunately become one of the main reasons why parents bring in their students to my academy,” says Chief Instructor Matt Numrich.

Programs he is currently offering teach kids how to:

1. Verbally defuse altercations before they get physical and how to handle these situations safely.

2. Getting physical is the obvious last choice, and when that happens, kids must be taught the three self-defense that they must know.

3. “Simply having options, and then role playing those options, is what gives kids the confidence to deal with these situations. That confidence then positively affects every area of their lives,” explains Numrich.

4. At the same time, Numrich works in important character topics such as respect for adults, focusing in the classroom and many advanced stranger safety tips.

5. Numrich cites, “Martial arts gets and keeps the kids’ attention, so I can teach them about these topics. Having local institutions support me in getting this message out shows how much the communities car about their children.”

For more information about Elite Defense Systems’ anti-bullying programs through RVC, please call Matt Numrich at (815) 885-4758 or e-mail him at

Posted Feb. 6, 2013

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