Guest Column: The death of our nation

By Gregory John Campbell

When American companies hire H1-B visa workers at two-thirds the salary, they are directly undermining the economic stability of America by hiring foreign workers to fill jobs American citizens can.[1] They could hire Americans at a decent wage to fill these jobs, because there is no shortage of them now, but they won’t.

Such companies do so for one reason only — to gain more short-term profit at the long-term loss of the economic viability of our country — ensuring their short-term corporate profitability and existence, while undermining the long-term sustainability of the very nation that permitted them the moral and economic opportunity to do so. [2]

In doing so, these “rogue” companies are undermining each of our abilities to get a good job with a “living wage,” because they are making it more difficult for qualified Americans to compete for such jobs, opposite the principle of “fair competition” such supposed “free-market” capitalists endorse. This places them at odds with the capital values that allowed them to create their wealth and build their companies, revealing them as the principal agents responsible for the moral, economic and political destruction of our nation, because they’re literally cutting off the country that enabled this for them, regardless of the human cost.

But more importantly, such short-sighted “executives” are making it even more pointless for their fellow Americans to invest in the expense of an education that would give them the necessary skills to fill such jobs, undermining the central tenet of a democratic representative republic — that of an educated and informed citizenry able to compete in the both the marketplace and political place in their country.

Why, then, have a nation, be a citizen or an employee, when the very firms that could hire us are undermining our ability to do so, especially with jobs that could offer us a living means to be so? Such countries then descend to third-world status, destroying the sole means for them to remain first-world — a purposeful “working” middle class. For men who value materiality only, have no moral reality or ability; no morality.

Such “all-American” companies are undermining the moral economic tenet of all civilized nations, and of civilization itself — that of paying a fair wage for a fair day of work. For without such a “fair wage,” it is impossible for the citizens of such a country to buy the goods and services they need to survive, nor to have the political power and resources to inform and direct their nation.

This marks the end of Western Civilization as we have known it, because the behavior of all such companies, near and far or large and small, is playing a prime role in undermining the moral reciprocity enabling democratic citizens, economies and countries to function. The sequestration just fulfills their neo-liberal ambitions.

Why this is so shocking, is that even with near-record unemployment, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported in the third quarter of 2010 the highest rate of business profit ever, since records have been kept (60 years) — $1.66 trillion![3] What, then, is preventing them from hiring their fellow Americans at a decent wage? Nothing. So much for the terrible “recession,” if you’re a large corporation.

For this we can thank our “greed is good” corporate executives, who haven’t the principle, conscience or morality to value anything more than their principal gluttony, and their stockholders, and certainly not the country. Why, then, should they have a country, a business or our company? They shouldn’t. For it is to them, and all who place money before morality, that we owe the death of our nation.[4] Thank you.

[1] The hiring of illegal immigrants creates the same effect, but usually involves much lower wages than those of H1-B visa workers.

[2] As Thomas Jefferson indicated (paraphrased): “Such merchants have no country.”

[3], Weekend Edition, Feb. 15-17, 2013, “Management and Labor are Advisories, Deal With It, Obama’s $9 Per Hour Minimum Wage,” by David Macaray, at

[4] It is this citizen’s contention that our nation’s death will begin in March 2013 with the sequestration. It is hoped this assertion is wrong.

Gregory John Campbell is a Rockford resident.

From the March 6-12, 2013, issue

One thought on “Guest Column: The death of our nation

  • Mar 6, 2013 at 9:42 am

    As far as I am concerned, it’s both ends against the middle. It’s greedy unions versus greedy corporations. Those of us in the middle class are screwed.

    I used to buy nothing but American made cars. Now, I buy nothing but foreign made vehicles. I am sick of rich corporate types and their “lifestyles of the rich and famous,” and I am sick of unions taking my money and buying my representatives.

    Effectively, I/we have no representation in Congress, they are all bought and paid for by the corporations and unions.

    By buying nothing but foreign, I strike a (small) blow against these fat cats.

    Is this bad for the nation? Yes, it is. But I am not going to be the only one going down…you corporate fat cats and you greedy union thugs can come along with me!

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