Vitale, Waltrip among TV’s annoying

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

Earlier this week, one of my journalist friends and I had a Facebook conversation about who might claim the title of “The Most Annoying Person on Television.” Since the two of us watch a fair amount of televised sports, we came up with two color commentators instantaneously. He immediately nominated college basketball analyst Dick Vitale, also known as “Dickie V.” According to my colleague, “He rivals Chris Matthews for the title of the Most Annoying Person on Television.”

I quickly interjected that NASCAR’s Darrell Waltrip trumped both of those guys. Granted, Vitale has his annoying signature “Awesome, baby” tagline. I contend that pales in comparison to Waltrip’s “Boogity, boogity, boogity.” When Waltrip combines that with his over-exaggerated Southern-drawl “Let’s go racin’, boys,” he earns the unenviable title in my book, hands down.

Vitale and Waltrip share a common characteristic. They’ve become caricatures of themselves. They continue their silly antics game after game and race after race. The sad part is I’m not sure either one recognizes how stupid he sounds, and apparently neither do their bosses. I don’t think either guy adds anything of value to the broadcast.

I continue to be amazed that both of them still have broadcasting jobs. Do the network executives not listen to the broadcasts, or do they just choose to ignore these knuckleheads?

I realize that certain “sports personalities” get paid to be just that. I wish these two would take their fat paychecks and disappear someplace far away from the bright lights, microphones and television cameras. While they are at it, they could do us all a favor and take Joe Buck with them.

From the March 6-12, 2013, issue

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