Vince’s Notes: Check out local band Mana Kintorso

By Vince Chiarelli

Mana Kintorso. Did I just say something in a different language or forget how to spell? Well, no. Mana Kintorso is actually an indie/pop rock band from Rockford, and let me say this: they are one of my favorites!

As their website says, “Mana Kintorso makes music that will blow minds and change lives.” I completely agree!

Mana Kintorso is composed of Damion Davis, vocals/guitar; Brent Shelton, guitar/vocals; Corey Kuczynski, bass; and Jeff Werckle, drums. These four guys make music that takes you to an altogether different state of mind. The songwriters, Damion and Brent, know how to make hauntingly catchy melodies and combine it with Damion’s unique voice.

The first time I heard Mana Kintorso was when listening to their song, “I Love You.” While it was playing, I thought to myself, “I’ve never heard this Smashing Pumpkins song before.” Lo and behold, it was Mana Kintorso. From there on, I have been increasingly intrigued by their music.

Mana Kintorso’s song “I Love You” can be heard on their latest album, All The Pretty Things, which, in my opinion, was the best album released in Rockford as of last year. If you haven’t heard them yet and I have intrigued you enough, please check out their album and enjoy some great Rockford original music.

Speaking of Rockford originals, Mana Kintorso has been featured on my radio show, Rockford Originals. So, if you would like to find out more information about the band and even learn what their name means, tune in to the podcast on and search for Mana Kintorso.

I can’t wait for their new album, which is wrapping up at musician Micky Rosenquist’s Underground Squirrel Studio in downtown Rockford. Brent tells me their heavily requested European romp-and-stomp song “The Gypsy” is in need of one final big party room sing-a-long raucous. He says that if any Mana Kintorso fans are interested in being a part of that track, they should like their Facebook page immediately and shoot them a message.

All in all, please support this great Rockford band and try to get out to see them. The next show I would suggest going to see them at is Wednesday, March 27. The restaurant Abreo, in downtown Rockford, is now hosting live music on Wednesdays. This is definitely a cool spot to catch live music, so go see Mana Kintorso at the end of the month. For any other Mana Kintorso news, visit their website at

Now, for a quick side note … if you like indie/alternative music and listening to new music, then you should tune in to Anything Goes on Rockford College Radio. Host Michael Whyte is a local singer/songwriter with wide-ranging taste in music. His latest album, recorded with his band The Sunset Movies, will be released in 2013.

The purpose of the Anything Goes radio show is to expose listeners to songs and styles they may not have heard or considered before. This show is all surprises, right down to the little connective sound clips. People with an open mind and ear will find Anything Goes really fun! Anything Goes broadcasts live on Sundays at 10 a.m. and also check out for past podcasts.

Please contact Vince Chiarelli if you have any original Rockford music or radio suggestions. He can be reached at

From the March 13-19, 2013, issue

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