Obama just wants to raise taxes

It couldn’t be just a coincidence that the Social Security tax on probably all our workers was reduced quite a bit before the 2012 presidential election, but allowed back to where it was, after Obama was elected for a second term. This could have been quite a factor in his re-election, especially considering this affected even the 47 percent that pay no federal income tax.

There’s only one reason, political, that this tax was ever decreased, since this fund is so depleted as it is. But it gets votes, and that’s what Obama is primarily after, not its effect on our economy.

Another example of Obama caring more about his political aspirations (like a Democrat control of the House) than the country’s welfare is his desire to tax the rich even more. Most voters, perhaps in a negative jealous feeling, want the rich taxed more even if this does hurt the economic recpvery we so desperately need.

And does Obama really believe that closing loopholes is not a tax increase, or does he think we’re that stupid to take this in?

Michael A. Smith

From the March 20-26, 2013, issue

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