Vote for Michael Kleen

April 9 is arriving soon. We cannot afford four more years like the last eight. Since Larry Morrissey has been mayor, he has let our streets fall into disrepair. And removed the street lights.

Morrissey’s answer to our problems is to build a new sports center. Is that where Morrissey and his campaign contributors are going to play? Because no one will come. We have already lost the Waterfront festival because of declining attendance.

We can take our city back by voting for Michael Kleen for mayor. He is an honest person who will stir things up so that we, the people, can rise to the top. We need a leader who takes pride in caring for people like you and me. Change is urgent. Michael Kleen will put the street lights back on. And take care of the basics so that Rockford can get back on its feet.

Sofia Cambre

From the March 20-26, 2013, issue

One thought on “Vote for Michael Kleen

  • Mar 20, 2013 at 9:52 am

    That sounds like some pretty weak support of Michael Kleen. ‘He will stir things up so that we can rise to the top!’ What is that supposed to mean??
    If he is getting back to the basics, then what are the more complex issues that he will be dropping?

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