Vince’s Notes: Micky Rosenquist a truly versatile musician

Micky Rosenquist as Black Squirrel

By Vince Chiarelli

Have you ever seen a squirrel play music? Well, then, you haven’t heard the Black Squirrel, aka Micky Rosenquist.

Micky Rosenquist is a multi-instrumental performer, songwriter and teacher with more than 13 years of experience gigging, touring and recording. He holds two college degrees in music, a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and an associate’s degree from Rock Valley College.

Micky has performed, recorded and toured with many local and regional bands, such as Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons, Kelly Steward, The Snaggs, Mana Kintorso and many more.

However, throughout all this time, Micky has been writing his own music, and it is great. While Micky has enjoyed his touring career and performing with various musicians, he has recently decided to start performing solo and perusing his original music as the “Black Squirrel.”

When I asked Micky why he decided to go solo, he said: “Even things in motion can collect dust. There’s no better song to perform on stage than your own.” That is a great philosophy, and should resonate with original musicians.

The first time I heard Micky perform solo was at the JustGoods Listening Room. He really amazed me, as I had only seen him as a drummer before. Now, he was out from the back and playing his guitar and piano, and singing. He truly is a versatile musician, and plays all of his instruments very well.

Most recently, I saw Micky sing and play with an accordion. Now, you may be thinking what kind of music does this Black Squirrel play if he is singing, playing piano, guitar and accordion? Well, as Micky puts it, his music is “abstract/folk/art/rock metaphor for the bleeding heart, Midwestern working man.” Now that is a musical genre, if I’ve ever seen one.

I really suggest that you check out Micky’s music and hear the great melodic tunes he has written. Please visit for music, videos, shows and more! Also, Micky is in the middle of recording three albums. The first will be a 10-inch vinyl EP, which he hopes to release by July. Then, he plans to release a double album next spring. So, look out, Rockford!

In addition to being a great musician, Micky is also a well-established recording engineer and producer. He owns and operates the Underground Squirrel Studio, where many bands and musicians have recorded, including Mana Kintorso.

I am hosting a series of Music Business Seminars at Rockford College for the next three weeks. The next seminar will be about the Fundamentals of Recording, which will be presented by Micky. The seminar will take place from 7 to 9 p.m., Wednesday, March 27, in the Faculty Dining Room in the Burpee Center Building at Rockford College. It is free to attend, but space is limited. So please RSVP to

The other two seminars will be April 3, Copyrights and Music Publishing with Attorney Michael Schirger, and April 10, Marketing & Promotion with musician Nicholas Gunn.

Please contact Vince Chiarelli if you have any original Rockford music or radio suggestions. He can be reached at

From the March 27-April 2, 2013, issue

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