Vote ‘yes’ for new Oregon library

I plan to vote “yes” for the new oregon library April 9. We are behind the times and long overdue for this project. We need a new facility because our current one is outdated, inconvenient for patrons, and not up to standard. Our community deserves to have a top-flight library that we are proud to use and tell others about. The following are just a few of the reasons why I am marking my ballot “yes.”

A new library will:

1) attract residents to the area and improve the economy with increased home sales, tax income, business activity and students for our schools.

2) provide more and better information in the form of books, e-books, magazines, movies, audios and Internet access.

3) create an attractive social and cultural hub to inform us about community events, services, and recreational and educational opportunities.

4) educate residents through book clubs, book sales, speakers, authors and special programs.

5) provide comfortable meeting spaces for groups planning community events.

6) help our school teachers and administrators in educating our children and youth by providing a place for them to learn after school, weekends and during the summer.

7) expand physical access for those with disabilities and special needs.

8) My “yes” vote means that I am willing to dig deeper into my pocket for the good of the community. Because of a state grant, the cost is half of what it was the last time it came to a vote. The more people who agree with me, the easier it will be to reach our goal. We get what we pay for and benefit from our sacrifices. We also suffer when we don’t pull together to build an adequate library facility. I’m hoping we can stand together to build together.

Clifford E. Knapp
Oregon, Ill.

From the March 27-April 2, 2013, issue

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