Guest Column: Still not happy with local daily’s portrayal of west side

Editor’s note: The following is a follow-up to the March 27-April 2 guest column, “Daily newspaper needs less biased reporting about west side.” That guest column featured a letter sent to Josh Trust, publisher of the Rockford Register Star. As that letter also pertained to this newspaper, that letter, along with the following follow-up letter, are republished here as guest columns with permission of the author.

Dear Mr. Trust:

You may remember me. I wrote you and three of your other newsroom employees last week concerning Brian Leaf’s article about the west side.

I got no response from anyone at your paper. I find that very telling.

Not even an apology for not making our meeting that your editor said he would be at. And, of course, no attempt to counteract the deplorable article with a positive story about the west side.

Additionally, I noticed that your crime reporter conveniently missed writing about a very serious crime that was committed on the EAST SIDE on March 24. It is as follows:

On Sunday, March 24, at approximately 4 a.m., at least two individuals approached the bedroom window of Mark & Tammy Birmingham as they lay sleeping in their bed and opened fire. At least 20 shots went through walls, struck furniture and personal belongings, but also struck Mark and Tammy. Mark was hit three times and Tammy once. Both are still hospitalized and have undergone multiple surgeries between them.

It was reported by the Rockford Scanner. It was also covered by television.

Interestingly, while looking at the daily crime reports today on your company website, the crime reporter skips right over any entry of crime news for March 24. Instead, you can plainly see crime occurred on March 23 and then March 25. But it doesn’t exist on March 24 on your site.

Your paper appears blatantly biased against the west side. That is not good for your reputation, nor does it make good business sense in terms of readership or advertising dollars.

Since you’ve decided that the best course of action is to ignore those who complain about your reporting, I will now go over your head to GateHouse Media. I hear GateHouse may be soon be under, though, as they scramble to survive a trip to bankruptcy.


Audrey Decker
Rockford Deliveries
West Side Business Association

From the April 3-9, 2013, issue

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