Joe Terrell for Harlem Township Supervisor

In the race for Harlem Township Supervisor, Joe Terrell, who has previously served on the Winnebago County Board, is running on the issue of transparency and openness of government.

Harlem Township has no public website, no easy way for residents to communicate with their elected township officials, and no online checkbook to allow residents to see where and how their tax dollars are being spent.

A Harlem Township resident asking how the township was spending her tax dollars was stonewalled. She had to file a lawsuit to get access to public records, which should have been available online. This is not the way our townships and local governments should conduct themselves.

Joe Terrell is running as an individual dedicated to good government. He is open, accessible and communicates with voters. His opponent, like the township she runs, has no campaign website and has communicated very little of her issues and concerns.

Will the government of Harlem Township continue to be “business as usual” with only insiders in the know? Vote for Joe Terrell on April 9. He has the expertise in computer systems and is committed to transparency and thrifty government.

Sharon Larson
South Beloit

From the April 3-9, 2013, issue

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