Vote for Christoffer Banks for RVC Board

Christoffer Banks is uniquely qualified to serve on the Rock Valley College Board. Having recently graduated from RVC, he works as a Clinical Case Manager in the Winnebago County Drug Court Program. His responsibilities include assisting clients enrolling at the downtown RVC location. Chris has a clear understanding of the specific challenges facing these and other non-traditional students. He understands why many of them are choosing to not attend RVC or are enrolling, then dropping out. RVC needs to attract and retain a variety of students. Tuition increases for students and benefit cuts for faculty would be unnecessary if people on the board understood what was needed to keep enrollment elevated. Looking at several other candidates, I noticed many appear to have no ties to the school. I am not sure what motivates someone to serve on the RVC Board when they have never set foot on campus. Chris understands that RVC needs to remain on sound financial footing, but he also understands that to do that, it must retain a healthy population of students and staff. We can do both, but we need people who care to do it. Christoffer Banks is one of those people.

Elizabeth Lindquist

From the April 3-9, 2013, issue

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