Freeport artist Barry Treu exhibits at Kortman Gallery

“Abstractions — observed, recorded and found,” featuring the abstract paintings of Barry Treu, will be on display at Kortman Gallery through May 18.

Staff Report

Artist Barry Treu sees lines and shapes and their relationship to each other in everyday common objects that happen to be arranged by chance. It is these “found” visual compositions that are the inspiration for his abstract acrylic paintings.

Friday, April 5, “Abstractions — observed, recorded and found,” an exhibition of recent paintings by Barry Treu, opened in the Kortman Gallery in downtown Rockford.

My artwork often begins with photographing ‘found’ compositions, such as chance arrangements of theater props, dismantled and placed against a wall with no regard for color, shape or design,” said Treu. “Once photographed, they are printed out, drawn and transferred to canvas with charcoal. From there, my work evolves through the layering of texture and color with paint.”

According to Kortman Gallery Director Doc Slafkosky, Treu’s art is a “breath of fresh air. It is refreshing to see work that is contemporary and elegant,” Slafkosky said. “Barry is a serious painter whose timeless works can be mesmerizing and visually challenging, yet would fit in any environment.”

Treu recently returned to his Midwest roots by accepting the position of director of education at the Freeport Art Museum in Freeport, Ill. He received his master of fine arts from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Treu has taught university-level classes in drawing, painting, sculpture and computer arts, worked as a sculptor in a mint, and has thoroughly enjoyed the museum education field for the past seven years.

Abstractions — observed, recorded and found,” paintings by Barry Treu will be will be on display through May 18. The gallery is upstairs at J.R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 N. Main St. Call (815) 968-0123 or visit

From the April 10-16, 2013, issue

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