XL pipeline will not help our economy

Chris Clukey of Freeport asks us to “get real” and build the XL pipeline through the U.S. to port refineries in Texas, where it will be refined and exported to Asia and other countries. The Canadian tar sands industries want us to shoulder the risks of spills (and on other pipelines, they are not infrequent), air pollution, water pollution, refining the thick tar sands oil for them only to ship it away for their own profit. It’s no surprise it’s organized as an LLC-limited liability corporation — they want the profits but not the liability in the event of pipeline ruptures, spills, contaminated drinking water aquifers. TransCanada, a foreign conglomerate, is also asking our politicians to impose eminent domain on any property owner that refuses to grant easements for the pipeline, as some in Texas are doing. “Eminent Domain” is supposed to be for the public good — I don’t see much of that in this case. Jobs? The oil corporation’s exaggerated claims of 20,000 jobs are refuted by Cornell University’s study finding that only up to 4,700 jobs would be created during construction, and very few after that.

Clukey and others have been bamboozled by wealthy oil corporations to think that it will help make more gasoline for our cars when, in fact, most of the refined product will be shipped offshore to developing nations that are willing to pay higher prices.

Let’s get real, read between the lines and not swallow all their hyped-up claims.

Ray Ruthenberg
Stockton, Ill.

From the April 10-16, 2013, issue

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