‘Obamanomics’ doesn’t work

The best system to get goods and services from producer to consumer is free enterprise. A good look at past and present history indicates this is true. Still, our president keeps wondering how the government can help our struggling economy.

Get out of the way, Mr. President, and let the engine of the free market perform its magic. Stop with all the regulations, tax increases and Obamacare (which some call the “Unaffordable Health Care Act”). It might amaze you how much this would help our economy and, thereby, put many more Americans back to work.

Not long ago, The Rock River Times printed a column from a writer who claimed “jungle capitalism” was to blame for our current poor financial situation. Didn’t all this mess with the banks really start with liberal politicians forcing banks to lend to people who were incapable of paying a mortgage? These politicians think our Constitution demands home ownership, and paying rent might be a sin.

Michael A. Smith

From the May 8-14, 2013, issue

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