Politicians, bureaucrats play board games with ‘regime changes’

In the words of President Ron Reagan, “there you go again.” The U.S. is behind the scenes of “regime change” once again, this time in Syria.

Iraq, prior to “regime change” in year 2000, was a modern country — some say it was beautiful. Women were free to wear modern clothing (instead of burqas) and even drive cars. Was Saddam a dictator? Sure. Did he kill political opponents? Sure. But so does President Barack Obama with his escalating drone attacks. It’s what those in power do to anyone suspected of being an enemy.

So, in Iraq, we trashed the country, destroyed their utility infrastructure, killed hundreds of thousands and poisoned their land with “depleted” uranium. But, hey, the regime was changed!

U.S. taxpayers paid more than $812 billion there, lost more than 4,400 troops, had more than 120,000 civilian deaths and more than 300,000 of our soldiers injured, many with brain injuries. And now, surprise! We’ll spend billions more rebuilding what we destroyed.

Next on the agenda is Syria. The Obama administration just announced the taxpayers will give the militants fighting the Bashar Assad regime more than $120 million in “nonmilitary aid.”

News flash! Jabhat al-Nusra, declared an al-Qaida terrorist organization by the U.S. late last year, has just joined the anti-Assad fighters. So, now we’re helping al-Qaida, even though that terrorist gang killed or wounded many of our own soldiers.

Our politicians and bureaucrats are playing “board games” from their cushy offices with our lives and our children and grandchildren’s futures. Where will it end?

Ray Ruthenberg
Stockton, Ill.

From the May 8-14, 2013, issue

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