Thoughts on gun reform

Reform in this country is really hard to get because we need reform in many areas of this country. Yes, we have had many problems with guns, and yet we have not found where they are coming from. There needs to be more to the story because just to remove the serial number is the only way to trace where it came from, and once it is removed, there is no way to trace it.

Another way to trace weapons is to sell it with a copy of the grooves that are to be placed in a federal database to monitor where these guns are coming from. All guns have their own grooves for tracing.

With technology at its best, I’m sure that computers could put more identification on these guns so we can figure out who has the responsibility for letting these guns into the hands of those who do not meet the standards to own a gun.

Yes, the government and law enforcement should have a record of who has what and that, by itself, would be a start in the right direction to real reform. This way, if a gun becomes stolen, the law would have a record of it, and if you do not file a report, you could be put in jail for not being responsible. That is a big word for some of these people who think they do not have to be responsible for their actions.

The Rev. Kieth Nielsen

From the May 8-14, 2013, issue

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