Response to ‘Thoughts on gun reform’

In reference to the May 8-14, 2013, letter to the editor, “Thoughts on gun reform.”

I believe the Rev. Kieth Nielsen is sincere in his comment. Unfortunately, he has not done his homework.

He states, “to remove the serial number is the only way to trace where it (the gun ) came from, and once removed, there is no way to trace it.” Immediately followed by, “ Another way to trace weapons is to sell it with a copy of the grooves, etc.”

What grooves?

It gets worse, “ With technology at its best, I’m sure that computers should have a record of who has what, etc.” It is against federal law for any agency to make a list of guns purchased by a lawful citizen.

He goes on to say that anyone who has guns stolen should make a police report right away, or be sent to jail. So, if I have many guns, and there is one I don’t use often, and it is stolen and used in a crime, but I have not noticed it missing, I should spend time in jail?

Reverend, “responsibility” may be a big word to you and your flock, but it’s not to me, nor is it to most firearm owners. If gun laws were enforced to the letter, you and the feds would not have to come after law-abiding citizens.

Dave Martin
Belvidere, Ill.

From the May 15-21, 2013, issue

One thought on “Response to ‘Thoughts on gun reform’

  • May 18, 2013 at 1:08 am

    Dave, all I can say is the good reverend blathers about that which he knows not!

    That whole “grooves” thing was nonsense. And, as I have said before, these liberals refuse to even mention the fact that the Federal Government is failing to enforce numerous gun laws already on the books.

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