Reader applauds sports columnist regarding comments on pink in sports

Editor’s note: The following is in response to Doug Halberstadt’s May 15-21, 2013, sports column, “Enough with the pink Mother’s Day, breast cancer fad.”

Just read your commentary in The Rock River Times opposing the overuse of the obnoxious pink everything in professional sports. Hurray for you! Thank you for writing that! There must be many thousands who will agree with you, as I do, in The Rock River Times’ reading area. Besides being ugly, the pink distracts from the game, looks silly and lends an attitude of commercialism to the game, kind of like driving a car with someone else’s logo on the door. No one can deny the horror and heartbreak of breast — or any other — cancer, but using pro ball to “promote” it is a bad idea, and it’s time to stop it.

Thank you, Doug Halberstadt, for being brave enough to make the statement!

Randi Andresen

From the May 22-28, 2013, issue

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